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Well, I'll be... the forums are 5 years old today! - Dec 18th, 2008

I can hardly believe it. It's been five years since the forums were founded. Startng out with a handful of people, we're up to 2,671 users and 0x113b9 articles. Er, make that 70,585. Never in my wildlest dreams did I imagine that we'd get this far. A big thanks to everyone that made it possible and a big happy 5th birthday to us!

We're still alive and kicking! - Jan 16th, 2008

I hope everyone had a good holiday. As near as I can tell everyone around here has had a good one as well. Things are starting to roll a bit again. No news for 6 months isn't a sign of death! We just didn't have anything worth reporting, or no one thought of it. Rest assured though, things are as well as ever. People will be pleased to know that is in the pipes. There's no date for release, but we are doing stuff. Thanks to everyone that's been with us, let's have another good year!

Forums Move Scheduled for 07/07/27 - July 26th, 2007

(Original available here.)

Sorry for the short notice, but today I've confirmed the shipment of the final parts to upgrade the hardware of the forums server. These upgrades will result in an extended period of downtime for the server in question. (Better to do the job right once.)

Therefore forums will be moved to the new shared hosting that the wiki and the main site use tomorrow. I expect the forums to be disabled and unreachable for somewhere between 4 and 24 hours, depending on various DNS caching and setup issues. I expect the transition to be mostly pain free, but you never can tell for sure 100%. Either way this shorter downtime I think is preferably.

Regrettable as it may seem, the hosting move will be permanent, and we will not be able to take advantage of these upgrades ourselves. At least, that's not in the plan. We've been extremely lucky to have had the hosting we've had on this server for the past few years, and I hope everyone will join me being thankful for the great service we've had.

Well, that's it for now. To summarize the important bits, sometime tomorrow (07/07/27) morning, around 0800 GMT, possibly a bit earlier or later, the forums will be disabled temporarily and moved. Please do not panic during this period without your daily dose of lunacy. I'll really try not to screw up ;).

Domain Registration Transfer - May 21st, 2007

Over the next few days the domain registration will be changing registrars as well as DNS servers. This will probably effect most services at some point or another. Hopefully everything will be resolved speedily, but if there are any outstanding problems, IRC (#armagetron on freenode) will be availble. More information and discussion here.

Just Kidding - April 2nd, 2007

Like any internet community, we too have to have our own April Fool's Day joke. Sadly, no one will be going to work for EA and make bucket loads off of Armagetron Advanced. We'll still be the same home grown project as ever. And really, if someone does have a good idea for a single player story line, do tell.

EA Games picks up Armagetron Advanced! - April 1st, 2007

Whoever thought 2020 would be right? But, believe it or not, I have the pleasure to announce today that Armagetron Advanced has made it big time. EA Games approached the core developers a while back saying that they wished to publish and distribute our game. Initially, we were stuck in licensing disputes, but after an offer of employing two of our developers full time and an agreement to rewrite any non original code in the game, the next version of Armagetron Advanced will be appearing like always on the PC, but also on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. As of today all opensource development will stop. Previous versions will still be free buy new elements such as the single player story line that is under development will be available only via the EA Games distribution. More information on the forums.

That was a lot faster than I thought (OpenBSD client) - January 29th, 2007

No sooner does the news get around to being updated to say we've got a dedicated server package for OpenBSD does Belenus tell me the client works too! It's on the downloads page!

Welcome Belenus and Hello OpenBSD - January 28th, 2007

Yes, it's good news. A native package for yet another platform. Belenus has joined us to help get Armagetron working and packaged for OpenBSD. So far the dedicated server (downloads page folks!) is ready, but no doubt more is to follow, stay tuned our cult OpenBSD followers!

Side Note:

Hope everyone had a happy holidays and is enjoying the new year!

Happy Birthday Forums, you're 3! - December 18th, 2006

It's hard to believe another year has gone by! More info here. - August 5th, 2006

This version of Armagetron Advanced fixes some security flaws. It is recommended that you update to this version as soon as possible. Available on the download page as usual.

Site Changes - August 4th, 2006

Hosting of the main site has moved to SourceForge's servers. A downside to this is no more IPv6 support, which luckily wasn't being used very much anyway. Also for the time being the online server browser is disabled until it's a) fixed and b) works here. - June 16th, 2006

The downloads page has been updated to reflect the not-as-recent-as-I'd-like-you-to-believe release of Bugfixes, updates, and I can't remember what else. Enjoy.

April Fools - April 1st, 2006

Sorry everyone, I couldn't resist. From around 00:10 to 18:50 I had a front page announcing the discontinuation of Armagetron Advanced. Just kidding. - Sometime between the post after and the one before

I accidently delted the news post that announced Here's my surrogate replacement. It's a bug fix release, please upgrade from version 0.2.8_beta1 to to this version at it addresses critcal security flaws. More information is available here and downloads here. - March 18th, 2006

Great news everyone! The long awaited (and tested) version of Armagetron Advanced has been completed and released! Everyone should head to the recently updated Downloads page and grab the new version. New features include maps, multiple axis, improved hud and graphics code, improved zones, and more.


On a side note, versions 0.2.8_beta1 to are subject to a severe security flaw and users should upgrade immediately. See this forums post for more information.

Release Candidate 4 - March 10th, 2006

Release Candidate 4 is now available on the Release Candidate page. It should not be too much longer before is declared finnished. The usual comments about reporting any problems or comments on the forums applies.

Release Candidate 3 - Febuary 9th, 2006

In keeping with the tradition of almost every other opensource project site we've seen, our site is too horribly out of date! But not today at least. Betas are a thing of the past. We're on the next step to a full release, release candidates. Specifically, the site has missed rc1 and rc2. But we're on rc3 now. You can help test! You can get from the Release Candidate page and help us iron out any last minute bugs. Again, sorry for the late updates and we hope you like the new changes! As I'm fond of saying, please report any problems on the forums.

Forums 2 Years Old - December 18th, 2005

Today the forums hit their two year old birthday. Where would we be without them? Who knows, but let's applaud everyone that's helped make them the special place that they are.

Forums Back - December 7th, 2005

Everything's been relocated that has to be, and the forums are back on now. Thanks everyone for having some patience.

Forums Offline - December 5th, 2005

The forums are temporarily offline pending the physical relocation of the server box. They should be back online some time soon.

0.2.8_beta4 - November 26th, 2005

Yet another beta is available for testing, this time, it's 0.2.8_beta4. You can get it off the beta page. Not quite as many packages for target platforms yet, but you can always compile from source. As always, please report any problems on the forums.

Dugg! - October 31st, 2005

Yes, what an action packed day. Not only does beta3 finally make it here to the main page, but Armagetron Advanced has been dugg on! 288 diggs so far. Personally, I have no idea if that is good or not, as I don't regularly read digg. Thanks to my friend olleman for pointing this out to me, good times eh? And of course, thanks to everyone who likes AA, from everyone here :).

0.2.8_beta3 - October 31st, 2005

That's right, 0.2.8_beta3 is out for testing now, grab at the beta page. Again, sorry for the slow pickup to the mainpage, here. Been waiting for an OS X build, which is sadly experiencing some bugs. Please hold on everyone who uses OS X, we're working on it.

Wiki & IPv6 - October 22nd, 2005

There's now a wiki for Armagetron Advanced, check it out at Also, for those people with IPv6 support (admitedly few) this site is now IPv6 accessible, via the IPv6 domain

0.2.8_beta2 - September 17th, 2005

0.2.8_beta2 is now out for testing. Sorry for the slow update on the page here. As always please report any issues you may encounter on the forums. You can get it from the beta page.

0.2.8_beta1 for OS X - September 3rd, 2005

The 0.2.8_beta1 release is now available for OS X as well. Head over to the beta page to grab it!

0.2.8_beta1 - August 28th, 2005

Armagetron Advanced 0.2.8_beta1 has been released. There really are some great inprovements and testing is needed. Available from the beta page. Check back often for updates and packages for more platforms!

0.2.8 - August 16th, 2005

Just so everyone knows, version 0.2.8 is under active development and should not be much more than 3 more months in testing & final bug fixing before it's ready.

The New Site - August 16th, 2005

Finally a properly designed website lives! A big thank you to Lackadaisical for putting it together for us. Here you'll find information about Armagetron Advanced, from the past to the future, and from downloads to screenshots, and well, pretty much everything a proper game website should have.

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